One day in Egypt there was a girl and a boy the girls name was Cleo and the boys name was Julius they were playing out side they thought it was boring so they had a wander to a river there was a bridge over it . They walked over it over the other side it was a pyramid they walked to it and it had a key hole.Cleo and Julius wonderded if they should look for the key so they did on the way they found a boy called Tom he had black hair and nice cothes Cleo , Juilus and Tom went on . They came to a dug up hole a boy came out of the hole they asked him to come and he did so they went on .Last of all they came to an old cuboard there was a big BOO shouted Ellie and she helped them.

SO thats the gang they looked every where untill they came to a box they looked in side it it was a huge key they ran for half an hour , then Tom fell down a hole and pulled down Jamie then Cleo had to pull them up come on hurry up

When they got to the pyramind and opened it WOW shouted the children ,so when they got in there was treasure they silently took it ,it was jewels and heiroglyphics note saying do not take this and jewels they took it home and looked at it .