Sunday 22nd janyary 1800

It was 7o'clock in the morning. Pitch black and poor,sleepy,hungry medow had to walk 5 miles to her job. Medow works for a rich faimly who lives in a massive house. Medow sometimes calles it a mansion. Inside it is beutiful it has 5 bedrooms, a huge basement and a wonderful spectacaler play room.Ufortunatly Medow and the our girls have to sleep in the smelly,freezing, tiny loft room. The girls work for the Rabbit faimly . At 10 o'clock Medow fainly gets to the house." You are late lady exsplain yopurself " said Mrs Rabbit. " Well I woke up at 5 O'clok this morning.But when i was half way here this very scary man jumped out and started chasing me so i hid behind a bush and closed my eyes"Said Medow."I have heard a lot thats fine maby you should go and have a lay down"Said Mrs Rabbit. " O thank you so much" said Medow . At 10 :30 O'clock the Rabbit faimly left for church. Mrs Rabbit left things that need done . Medow got all the good jobs. First she was in the playroom. In the playroom their was this extraodinary carved rocking hourse. The house has real hair for it's main and for it's sadle it is velvit and it's skin is slik. "I love this rocking hourse"said Medow talking to herself. 12 O'clock came and all the girls had finished their list.At the Bottom of each list Mrs rabbit wrote make lunch for us and yourselfs. Hungirly the girls make lady fingers (sandwiches) with a salad on the side.The girls are soo hungry that by the time the Rabbit faimly came home from the church. The faimly loved the luch and asked if they could please have some more. At 1 o'clock the girls went up to the loft for a well deserved rest.

Monday 23st of january

" yes"said Mewdow. As today was medows birthday. Today Medow is turning 11 years old. Astounishingly medow had a lay in.