One spooky day there was an old toy shop no one dared to enter because they herd storys about it but not good ones .There was two girls called Ellie and Rachel walking by and seen the toy shop and they entered but they did not see the sign saying “do not enter because at 12 o’clock toys become evil” , so when they entered they saw all different toys like dolls ,prams ,cars and Noah’s ark after being amazed they had a look around is like it was toy heven Ellie said . It was 3 o’clock Rachel asked Ellie if she wanted to spend the night here and so they did the clock stroke 12 the lights went out ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ! shouted the girls what was happing to us said Ellie.
The lights turned back on but all the toys eyes werered the girls looked around and said to each other why don’t we take a doll home and see what happens over night it took them 3 hours to choose a doll . They both have one now they said to each other that they were not scared when the lights went out but they were .
Mum asked them why were you in that old shop the spooky one yes is that why the lights went out yes mum replied it was so scary , but do you like the dolls that we brought home yes of course but why do they have red eyes well it was that dark bit when we were there .
When the girls woke up in there bed room the lights went out again the room was a mess the dolls were so evil .

The girls had to take the dolls back because they were getting too bad, so when they were taking them back the dolls said I
am so sorry. The girls kept the dolls they made a house for them