One day in a life when there was no light, no tv, nothing electronic at all, lived a mother and daughter. The daugter's name was Amelia. SHE HAD LOVELY long hair right down to her thighs. As there was nothing to play with she liked drawing on the nice bumpy ground. She had a best friend, her name was Annabell.

She had no dad either and they were the same age, 5 years old. Her mum and Amelia's mum were friends. Amelia's mum was very nice. She had blue eyes and brown hair. She loved shopping at the market. Annabelle's mum is a bit stricter than Amelia's mum, she liked walking, she had white hair with yellow and brown high lights.They had no dad because they went out to Areil and they never came back. .....

THE mums always done something together like going to the market to buy food and clothes.


They were all going to the market to buy some oranges ,carrotts poatoes ,peas and socks for the girls.The girls were getting bored but they were so bored that they stared to look around thinking what to do.They had a idea.They saw a dog sitting alone and went to clap it and their mums let them. When the dog found Annabelle and Amelia coming over the dog was happy ,but when they looked down the lane they saw something..........................................


It was glowing lime green and it shone in the dark as well. They ran back to their mums.They brought the puppy and there was a collar on his name was Benjimin, he was brown.They forgot all about the box, but Annabelle went back to Amelia's house for a sleepover and they thought about the box. "DONT THINK ABOUT IT!" Amelia said, "Its probably just our imagination". When they went back on Thursday they found the box. They took it with them, they had to sneak it in to the house.They were worried. It had a key hole and it was in a shape of a paw print - maybe it was Benjimin's paw dun dun dun dun.

chapter 4

It was, it was Benijimn's! "yippee!" shouted both of them and they took it down to their mums.Their mums were having a cup of tea before Annabelle's mum left so the girls had fun at their sleep over. "Hi we found a box in the lane that we found the cuiest dog ever". "DOG!" shouted both of them. "Yes the dog that we found down the lane. His name is Benijimns, remember?" asked Annabelle.

"Oh yes now i can. I thought I was going mad. It looks a bit weird". replied Amelia. The key hole was in shape of a paw print. A man came out of the box! "Hiya GUYS I AM JOHN Logie beard. i invented the tv. It's good because you can watch whatever you want!"


The man continued,

"I AM letting you see this before any one else. It includes a control that lets you change the channel. You can only get channel 1 2345, that is all you can get. Do you want one?

" Yes please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" replied both girls.

The man told them, "If you break it you can't get an other one.

Be careful!"



The girls loved having a TV. They could watch anything they wanted.They sat with the dog and watched Stars in the Moon and they loved it.